Log Splitters

We design our splitters to make your job easier, no matter the type of power source you prefer. With their efficient design, you can quickly and safely split logs for firewood, construction, or any other needs you may have.

Our machines can be powered by various means from Tractor PTO to tractor hydraulics, petrol, or electric providing you with an option for every situation.

We also have portable options such as the road-towable RT400 allow you to easily move to any location, whether it’s your yard or a field.

Effortlessly split logs of any shape and size with our versatile log splitters.

We build our machines to handle the toughest of logs with ease. We design our machines to split firewood quickly and efficiently. They are suitable for both professional loggers and DIY enthusiasts. We design our machines to meet your needs, whether you are experienced or just enjoy splitting firewood.

These tools are easy to move around. No more struggling with a traditional axe or manual splitter – our machines will get the job done quickly.

Explore the Oxdale range, known for its safety features and sturdy build. Our splitters are perfect for most tractors, offering options for powering with a tractor PTO, hydraulics, electric, or petrol. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

We have designed some models of our machines to fit standard rear three-point linkage tractors or to remain free-standing. They are perfect for someone who owns a small piece of land and a tractor and they can easily use the tractor’s hydraulics.

Our machines come in various types, from those powered by tractors, petrol, or electricity. These machines work by driving a chamfered axe head through the wood, easily cutting it into smaller pieces, saving you the hassle of doing it manually.

Log splitters are faster and safer than the old axe method. They provide peace of mind and have a considerable splitting force, outperforming manual splitters.

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