Chain Harrows

The Range

Improve Pasture Health with Oxdale Mounted Chain Harrows

Oxdale Mounted Chain Harrows are versatile and user-friendly, effortlessly attaching to any tractor equipped with a standard 3-point linkage. Our range of harrows caters to various applications, from large farms and small holdings to equestrian venues and sports fields.

Harrowing is a crucial aspect of pasture management, ideally conducted in spring after grazing and before fertiliser application, in conjunction with rolling. It removes dead thatch, lifts vegetation, and levels molehills, facilitating air movement and root aeration for improved soil breathing and water infiltration. This process also reduces disease by exposing fungi and bacteria to essential sunlight.

Our mounted harrows are engineered to pull at the correct angle, ensuring complete ground coverage. Smaller frames are rigid and delivered flat-packed on pallets, designed for easy self-assembly.

Select models, including the 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft versions, feature a ‘3-way chain mat’, offering adjustable settings for varying crop severities. This flexibility allows users to customise harrowing intensity to suit specific needs, ensuring optimal results without compromising crop health.