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TM1000 Log Splitter


The TM1000 log splitter has been designed for the professional user who splits logs into billets.
This high-capacity splitter is for use with medium to large size tractors and can easily split logs up to a maximum height of 91cm / 36”,  with no diameter limitations.

  • Splits logs up to 36” or 91cm
  • Diameter not restricted
  • 16 Ton splitting force
  • Needs 30l/m of oil flow
  • Fits Cat 1 or 2 linkage
  • Unique double chamfered axe head



Efficiently tackle log splitting tasks with the TM1000 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter, meticulously designed for professional users seeking precision in billet production. Crafted to complement medium to large size tractors, this high-capacity splitter effortlessly handles logs up to a maximum height of 91cm / 36 inches, offering seamless performance without limitations on diameter.

The TM1000 boasts a powerful 16-tonne capacity ram, ensuring swift and effective log splitting operations. Its specially designed, forged, and hardened axe head guarantees optimal splitting action, providing users with unparalleled efficiency in every use. Safety remains paramount with hydraulic pumps covered in anti-burst lagging, ensuring peace of mind during operation.

For added safety measures, dual-hand operation is required to engage the ram lever, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries during use. Whether you’re managing a Biomass boiler or a similar facility, the TM1000 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter is the perfect choice for professional-grade log splitting needs.

Upgrade to the TM1000 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter today and experience the ultimate efficiency and reliability in your log splitting operations.




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