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TM600 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter

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The TM600 is a high-capacity log splitter powerful enough to cope with the most demanding of splitting jobs.
The splitting wedge is specially forged, hardened and has a double chamfer to give the best splitting action available on the market.

  • Splits logs up to 24” or 60cm
  • Diameter not restricted
  • 14 Ton splitting force
  • Needs 25l/m of oil flow
  • Fits Cat 1 or 2 linkage
  • Unique double chamfered axe head
  • Anti-burst lagging pipes


Upgrade Your Log Splitting Efficiency with the TM600 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter

The TM600 is a robust and high-capacity log splitter, engineered to handle even the most demanding splitting tasks with ease. Equipped with a specially forged and hardened splitting wedge featuring a double chamfer, it ensures the best splitting action available on the market, guaranteeing efficient log splitting every time.

Safety is paramount with the TM600, as all hydraulic pipes are covered in anti-burst lagging, providing added protection during operation. Additionally, the dual-hand operation requirement on the lever enhances safety measures, ensuring optimal control and minimising the risk of accidents.

Unlike some machines, the TM600 does not feature an auto-return function. Instead, when the lever is released, the ram stops immediately, eliminating the need for a full return cycle. This feature allows for quick splitting of logs of varying heights without unnecessary delays.

Upgrade to the TM600 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter today and experience enhanced efficiency and safety in your log splitting operations.



1 review for TM600 Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitter

  1. Rosey

    I have a 14-tonne tractor mount. Had a problem with ram but they sent me a new one straight out which was good of them. Great splitter

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