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PTO400 Big Base Tractor PTO Log Splitter

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The Oxdale PTO range of log splitters are suitable for most tractors. The splitter fits to a standard rear three point linkage tractor and is perfect for tractors that don’t have a built in hydraulic system, a free flow return or are low horsepower.

  • PTO driven
  • 10-ton splitting force
  • Specially designed, forged and hardened axe head
  • Double chamfered axe head to give the best splitting action available on the market
  • Suitable for all tractors with ISO cat 1 and cat 2 linkages, including low horsepower compact tractor and large high horsepower tractors
  • The PTO range allows tractors with low hydraulic capabilities to run a log splitter efficiently
  • The splitter can be fitted on the front or rear three-point linkage
  • Suitable for low horsepower tractors
  • For added safety, all the hydraulic pipes are covered in anti-burst lagging
  • Both hands are required on the handles to operate the ram
  • Capable of splitting logs up to 18 inches high and is not limited to the width of logs it can split



Effortless Log Splitting with the Oxdale PTO400 Tractor PTO Log Splitter

Introducing the Oxdale PTO400 Tractor PTO Log Splitter, a cutting-edge solution designed to make log splitting a breeze on most tractors. Crafted with precision engineering, this innovative log splitter seamlessly integrates onto a standard rear three-point linkage tractor, offering unparalleled convenience for users.

The PTO400 is engineered to meet the needs of tractors without built-in hydraulic systems or those with low horsepower, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of agricultural applications. With its PTO driven mechanism, operating the splitter is a straightforward task, allowing users to effortlessly tackle even the toughest logs with ease.

Featuring an impressive 10-ton splitting force, the PTO400 delivers superior performance, ensuring efficient log splitting operations every time. Its specially designed, forged, and hardened axe head guarantees long-lasting durability, while the double chamfered axe head design ensures optimal splitting action for maximum efficiency.

The PTO400 is compatible with tractors equipped with ISO cat 1 and cat 2 linkages, providing versatility and flexibility to cater to various tractor models. Whether you’re working with compact tractors or high horsepower machines, the PTO400 is designed to meet your needs.

With versatile mounting options available on both front and rear three-point linkages, the PTO400 offers added convenience and flexibility in operation. Additionally, its anti-burst lagging covers hydraulic pipes for enhanced safety during use, providing users with peace of mind while operating the equipment.

Equipped with dual-hand operation for added safety, the PTO400 ensures that users can operate the log splitter with confidence, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Plus, with the capability to split logs up to 18 inches high without limitation on log width, the PTO400 offers unmatched versatility and performance for all your log splitting needs.


Min horsepower: 10 Weight: 85kg Linkage: ISO CAT 1/2 Max operating pressure: 3625 psi/250 bar Max PTO speed: 540 rpm Ram bore diameter: 60 mm Ram stroke: 400 mm Ram rod diameter: 40 mm


2 reviews for PTO400 Big Base Tractor PTO Log Splitter

  1. Michael Rayner

    I’ve had a pto pump version for the best part of ten years, it’s done a fair amount of work and I haven’t spent a penny on it!!

  2. Paul. Bedfordshire.

    Great Machine !!! All other manufactures I spoke to said that their tractor hydraulic log splitters would work on my little Grey Ferguson. Oxdale were truthful and honest. Great service !!
    My PTO400 Big Base is the best .

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