Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Log Splitters

Our Oxdale Tractor Log Splitters are great for both professional loggers and homeowners who need to split firewood. We carefully make our splitters to be strong and long-lasting. They work exceptionally well for all your logging tasks.

Our log splitters have a powerful hydraulic system that can easily split logs of any size. The sturdy construction ensures durability, so you can rely on our log splitters for years to come.

Our Oxdale Tractor Log Splitters are great for both professional loggers and homeowners who need to split firewood. No more struggling with manual log splitting – our top-of-the-line equipment makes log splitting efficient and effective. Choose Oxdale Products for a reliable and high-performance solution to your logging needs.

Key Features:

  1. Our splitters have a strong base that doubles as a table, offering stability and support for effortless splitting. Lift the splitter using the tractor’s 3-point links to your ideal splitting height, minimising stress and boosting productivity.
  2. Easy to Use Hydraulic System: Our log splitters only need 14 litres of oil per minute to work smoothly. This means they are reliable and powerful for splitting logs.” Experience the reliable 10-tonne splitting force that effortlessly handles even the most stubborn logs.
  3. Our Premium Splitting Wedge is specially forged and hardened. It features a double chamfer for superior splitting action. This wedge sets a new standard in the market. Enjoy unparalleled efficiency and precision with every split.
  4. Our log splitters work with tractors that have CAT 1 and CAT 2 linkages. This means tractors of all sizes can use them. Install it on the front or rear three-point linkage for added convenience.
  5. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. That’s why we cover all hydraulic pipes with anti-burst lagging to minimize the risk of accidents. Operate with both hands on the lever to ensure controlled operation of the ram. Lift the lever to power the splitting wedge through logs and lower it to retract the ram safely.
  6. Our wood splitters can easily handle logs up to 18 inches high, regardless of their width. This versatility allows for efficient log handling of various sizes and shapes.
  7. Our log splitters only require 20HP to operate, which makes them ideal for use with your tractor. This ensures that they will perform efficiently.

The compact design of our wood splitters makes them easy to transport and maneuver around your property. The robust build and resilient materials in our log splitters guarantee enduring efficiency and dependability. With easy maintenance and simple operation, our wood splitters are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Your tractor can move these machines around, unlike electric log splitters.

Our machines are great for homeowners who need firewood for their fireplace. They are also ideal for professional loggers who have a lot of logs to process. Trust in our quality products to make your wood splitting tasks safe, efficient, and hassle-free.

Experience the ultimate in log splitting efficiency and performance with Oxdale Products’ Tractor Hydraulic Log Splitters. Our equipment is prepared to exceed your expectations, whether you’re working on small projects or heavy-duty logging tasks. Discover the difference today.

Oxdale offers a range of tractor-mounted log splitters, ideal compact tractor attachments that connect to your tractor effortlessly. If you’re looking for a log splitter for sale, our compact tractor attachments are the perfect solution. Experience the convenience of using our tractor attachments for efficient log splitting tasks.