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E300 Electric Log Splitter


The E300 is an Electric driven log splitter powered by a 1.5kw motor, fitted with a dual speed hydraulic pump.

When combined with the unique axe-head, it allows a 10 tonne capacity ram to be fitted, which makes the splitting operation very quick. Capable of splitting logs up to 12 inch high and is not limited to the width of logs it can split.

  • Splits up to 12″
  • Diameter not restricted
  • 1.5kw Motor
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Splits on the floor
  • Double chamfered axe head
  • Plugs into a normal household socket
  • Dual speed hydraulic pump
  • Showerproof



Discover the Efficiency of the E300 Electric Log Splitter by Oxdale Products

The E300 electric log splitter, powered by a robust 1.5kw motor and equipped with a dual-speed hydraulic pump, offers exceptional performance for both commercial and domestic users. With its unique axe-head design and 10-tonne capacity ram, the E300 ensures quick and efficient log splitting, handling logs up to 12 inches high with ease.

Key features of the E300 include the ability to split logs up to 12 inches in diameter without restrictions on log width, making it versatile for various log sizes. Its maneuverability allows for easy operation, and it’s capable of splitting logs directly on the floor for added convenience. The double chamfered axe head ensures precise splitting, while the E300 plugs into a standard household socket for easy setup and use. Additionally, its showerproof design enhances durability, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Ideal for users without access to a tractor, our electric log splitters provide a reliable solution for your log splitting needs. Upgrade to the E300 electric log splitter from Oxdale Products and experience the power and efficiency you need for tough splitting tasks.


Voltage: 230v kW: 1.5kw Weight: 60kg Max operating pressure: 3625 psi/250 bar Supply: STD 13A plug Ram bore diameter: 60mm Ram stroke: 300mm and 400mm Ram rod diameter: 40mm Dimensions 80cm wheel – wheel, 75cm from the front of the base  to the back of the machine, 110cm  high



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