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Del Morino DMK Grass Topper

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The Del Morino DMK grass toppers are a strong, simple and efficient way of keeping grass areas neat and tidy with a good performance cut. They are very economic to purchase and maintain.

  • Three-point hitch
  • Cast iron gearbox 540 rpm
  • Direct drive
  • Ideal for compact and low horsepower tractors
  • Rotor with 2 swinging blades
  • Hinged rear flap facilitates grass expulsion
  • Reversible and adjustable skids
  • Front chains for protection
  • Universal PTO shaft included

grass topper


Del Morino offer a range of compact grass toppers. The DMK range. These in-line and semi offset grass toppers have a durable and sturdy design, as a result, they are perfect for a range of uses. The DMK range is perfect for topping parks, sports fields, equestrian and agricultural land. The DMK range is perfect for compact / low hp and vintage tractors.

The Del Morino DMK’s have a standard a 3-point hitch which can be used in an ‘offset position’ to make it easier to use under trees and along wall sides. A shear bolt protection is fitted to the PTO shaft (DMK100 and DMK120) with DMK180 having a slip clutch.

The cutting height ranges from 3cm – 10cm  (1 – 4”). A cast iron gearbox rated up to 75hp is fitted as standard which, in turn, has a direct drive to a single rotor with two swinging blades.




DMK 100 | 15 – 25hp | 100cm cut | 115cm width | 2 blades | 143kg | DMK120 | 25 – 40hp | 120cm cut | 135cm width | 2 blades | 176kg | DMK180 | 40hp +  |  180cm cut | 195cm width | 2 blades | 346kg |  


1 review for Del Morino DMK Grass Topper

  1. J

    Great machine. Keeps the paddock grass down.

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