The Ultimate Log Splitter Guide : Petrol vs. Electric vs. PTO Driven

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What kind of log splitter do I need? A good log splitter can make a big difference in managing your firewood supply and taking care of your property. At Oxdale Machinery, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why we offer a range of log splitters to suit different […]

Should I buy a flail mower or a topper in 2024?

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What is a flail mower? A flail mower for a tractor runs on the PTO (exactly like a topper). Flails are designed to cut and mulch vegetation. They differ from toppers in a number of ways. Toppers are large and use rotary blades to cut up an organic matter (often long grass or weeds). Toppers […]

How to Choose the Best Log Splitter in 2024


How to Choose the Best Log Splitter Choosing the right log splitter can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This guide aims to simplify the process. We’ll explore the different types of splitters, including tractor, electric, and petrol models. We’ll also delve into key features to consider. […]

Tractor Log Splitters: A Buyer’s Guide


Understanding Tractor Log Splitters In the UK, preparing for the winter often involves stocking up on firewood to keep homes warm and cozy. For many, this means breaking out the trusty log splitter to tackle the task efficiently. If you’re in the market for a new log splitter and you own a tractor, a tractor […]

Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for?


What is a Grader Box / Box Blade for? –  Graders are an essential piece of equipment for levelling and grading roads, paths and trackways. Given the current weather, potholes are showing up everywhere. Keeping your roadways in a usable condition can be very expensive if you have to call a contractor every few months. […]

Which is the best Flail Mower for Smallholders in 2024?

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Which is the best compact tractor flail mower for smallholders in 2024? For years, Oxdale has supplied and distributed Del Morino Flails and tractor implements. We believe that Del Morino flails, whilst being heavy-duty, are an excellent brand if you are looking for a flail mower for smallholders. Del Morino makes their machines, to the […]

Are Airrex heaters the best Infra-red diesel heaters on the market in 2024?


Diesel Heaters With the cold season well and truly upon us you might be thinking about heating your workshop, garage, or office, there are several diesel heaters available on the marketplace but all are not made the same. Oxdale is coming up to the third year of being a dealer for Airrex diesel heaters. Initially, […]

What does a Tractor Rotavator do? Excellent ground preparation tools

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Oxdale Products sells a range of Rotary Tillers or Rotavators, perfect for smallholders and farmers. Oxdale sells a range of PTO-driven rotavators perfect for tractors 12-80hp, Rotavators are designed to aerate and churn up the soil in gardens, allotments and fields before laying turf or planting seeds, bulbs and plants. Can you use a Rotavator […]

The power of flail mowers – unleash your land’s full potential in 2024


Welcome to the world of high-performance land maintenance with our state-of-the-art flail mowers! Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a passionate homeowner, our Del Morino flail mowers are designed to make light work of even the toughest vegetation. Say goodbye to unruly grass and brush and embrace the unmatched power and efficiency of our top-quality […]