Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for?


What is a Grader Box / Box Blade for? –  Graders are an essential piece of equipment for levelling and grading roads, paths and trackways. Given the current weather, potholes are showing up everywhere. Keeping your roadways in a usable condition can be very expensive if you have to call a contractor every few months. That’s why Oxdale devolped the box grader range so no matter what tractor you have you can keep the potholes at bay.

What can you do with a Box Blade / Grader? –  Grader boxes or Box blades for tractors are primarily used for leveling, grading, backfilling, or spreading materials like gravel, road planings or soil. They typically attach to the back of tractors and provide operators with a versatile implement that can be used for many applications.

Products Available on the marketplace

Oxdale Compact Grader

An essential tool for leveling ground. The Oxdale compact grader is ideal for use on hardcore tracks, spreading soil and rubble.

The tines loosen the material, which is then dragged into the box, dropping out where the ground is lower leaving a level surface.

All sides are 6mm in thickness. We take our side walls to a straight-end finish. All grader boxes are fitted with front and rear reversible wear plates. One row of adjustable tines.

  • 6mm thick sides
  • Complete box no cut outs for material to escape from
  • Front and rear reversible wear plates
  • Adjustable ripper leg height
  • Available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft
  • Double back blades
Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for? 5

Item specifics

4ft  | 4 ripper legs | 2 levelling blades | 6mm | 120kg | Cat 1  RRP £750

5ft  | 5 ripper legs | 2 levelling blades  | 6mm | 150kg | Cat 1 RRP £830

6ft | 6 ripper legs | 2 levelling blades  | 6mm | 180kg | Cat 1 & 2 RRP £920


  • Designed and manufactured in Chesterfield, England
  • 2 Levelling Blades
  • Heavy-duty design for compact tractors
  • Straight Edge finish
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Available in a variety of colours

Oxdale Medium Duty Grader

This grader was developed for users with medium HP tractors. The medium duty grader will stand higher than the standard with 10mm thick steel sides. The back of the machine is made from one piece of sheet metal with added strengthening. There is a full width box section cross member with adjustable tines to loosen the surface.

  • Same head stock as the heavy duty grader
  • Adjustable and removable legs
  • Same legs as the heavy duty grader
  • Reversible tines
  • Reversible back blade
  • No side cut outs where material can escape
  • Cat 2 linkage
  • Available in 6 and 8 foot
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Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for? 6

Item specifics

6ft | 6 Ripper legs | 10mm Wall thickness | 450kg Weight | Cat 2 linkage RRP £2200

8ft | 8 Ripper legs | 10mm Wall thickness | 550kg Weight | Cat 2 linkage RRP £2800


  • Perfect for medium power tractors from 40hp
  • Same tines as the Heavy Duty Grader
  • Same headstock as the Heavy Duty Grader
  • Straight side finish

Oxdale Heavy Duty Grader

Heavy duty design. Ideal for use on farm tracks and drives. Durable tines easily break up the ground surface. Debris is dragged in the box to where the ground is lower where it is deposited. Rear blades level and grade the ground surface. Available in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft models.

  • Reversible rear blade
  • Heavy duty ripper legs
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Replaceable and reversible tines
  • Universal side plates
image 2
Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for? 7

Item Specifics

6ft | 5 Ripper legs | 15mm wall thickness | Weight 690kg | Cat 2 linkage £3470

8ft | 7 Ripper legs |15mm wall thickness | Weight 890kg | Cat 2 linkage £4250

10ft | 9 Ripper legs | 15mm wall thickness | Weight 1112kg | Cat 2 Linkage £4999

Other products on that are similar

Winton offers a similar product to Oxdales compact grader. Designed for levelling ground and tracks. The height-adjustable ripper tines break up the soil.
The tines can be removed to use as a grader blade, ideal for grading bridleways and driveways to fill potholes and smooth the surface.

  • Robust heavy duty & height adjustable tines
  • Reversible & replaceable blades
  • Reinforced A frame
image 3
Grader boxes – What is a grader box used for? 8

The Winton grader is only suitable for compact tractors

There are a range of Grader boxes available for every application. The main buying point is to make sure you buy one that is designed and heavy-duty enough to do the job at hand.