Which is the best Flail Mower for Smallholders in 2024?


Which is the best compact tractor flail mower for smallholders in 2024?

For years, Oxdale has supplied and distributed Del Morino Flails and tractor implements. We believe that Del Morino flails, whilst being heavy-duty, are an excellent brand if you are looking for a flail mower for smallholders. Del Morino makes their machines, to the highest standard while keeping the machines as cost effective as possible. Del Morino has a state of the art CO2 neutral factory in Italy where they make all their tractor implements.  Oxdale noticed a gap in the market for a reasonably priced quality flail perfect for smallholders or people with a small amount of land who need to cut grass and keep things neat and tidy but can go through brambles and bushes without worrying about damaging the machine. This makes the Ginger and Disco one of the most versatile and cost-effective flails on the marketplace.

Del Morino Ginger

The Del Morino Ginger Flail is the perfect flail for your compact or sub compact tractor. Available as a 1.06 or 1.25 the ginger has you covered for an affordable well-made flail. The Ginger is perfect for cutting grass and weeds.

  • 3 point hitch. Cat 1
  • Aluminium gearbox with integrated freewheel device
  • Two belt transmission with adjustable tensioner
  • Hammer Flails
  • Adjustable rear roller
  • Universal PTO shaft included
  • 2 sizes available 1.06 & 1.25 which are overall size dimensions
  • 2 year warranty
  • PTO shaft included

Compact Tractor Flail Mower


1.06  Ex Vat £1254 Inc Vat £1504.80

1.25 Ex Vat £1320 Inc Vat £1584.00

In stock at Oxdale Products and local dealers please ring for more information 01246 529020

Del Morino Disco

If you are looking for a heavier-duty flail which is available in bigger sizes the Disco is for you. The disco has a few added features that the Ginger doesn’t’. The Disco has an internal shredding blade and can also be fitted with a roller extension and heavy-duty skids meaning this flail can take on even the toughest jobs. The disco can also be a straight pull behind headstock or a semi offset.

The Del Morino Disco Flail is the perfect flail for low hp tractors with the build quality of a Heavy duty flail. Available in 1.45 and 1.65 overall size with the option of a straight behind or offset head stock. The disco has a large mulching chamber which leaves a professional-looking finish. As well as being able to push through Brambles, bushes and woody weeds.

  • 3-point linkage Cat 1
  • 540RPM gear box
  • 2 belt transmission
  • Hammer flails
  • Rear roller
  • PTO shaft included
  • Heavy duty skids available
  • 2 year warranty


145 | 20hp – 30hp | 132cm Cut width | 145cm Overall width | 195kg| Standard or semi offset headstock
165 | 30hp – 40hp | 158cm Cut width | 165cm Overall width | 235kg | Standard or semi offset headstock

RRP excluding delivery

145 standard headstock Ex Vat £1710 Inc Vat £2052

165 standard headstock Ex Vat £1800 Inc Vat £2160

145 semi-offset headstock Ex Vat £2067 Inc Vat £2480.40

165 semi offset headstock Ex Vat £2180 Inc Vat £2616

In stock at Oxdale Products and local dealers please ring for more information 01246 529020

What’s the competition?

First of all are the Winton Flail mowers. The comparison below is for their heavy-duty flail mowers. All Winton products are made in China. Winton make a range of flail mowers but in the interest of being fair we will compare heavy duty machines against heavy duty machines.

Winton Heavy Duty Flail Mower 1.05m ,1.25m, 1.45m and 1.75m Wide

The Winton heavy-duty flail mowers is ideal for both smallholdings and sports fields. The heavy hammer blades are perfect for cutting the tough longer grass in pasture and paddock areas and then leaving a finer cut shorter grass on lawns.

  • Robust upgraded gearbox for heavier workload and better durability

  • Upgraded bearings fitted to the rotor for a smoother action and easier replacement

  • Spirally arranged hammer blades for a smoother cut and more efficient power transfer

  • Adjustable skids and roller for variable cutting heights

  • Heavy duty hammer blades, at 840g each they are twice the weight of std hammer blades

  • PTO shaft is included and the flail mower has a convenient holder on the linkage for this.


Prices correct of 14/02/2024

Price including VAT excluding delivery

WFL105 1.05m £1800.00

WFL125 1.25m  £1929.60

WFL145 1.45m  £2058.00

WF175 1.75m  £2252.40

Farm Master Pro Flails

Farm Master is another Italian Flail Mower manufacturer offering a variety of flails in a variety of sizes and specs. We will be comparing the Farm Master Pro range.

The Farm Master Pro is designed for semi-professional use and works well with low horsepower tractors due to its lightweight and flexibility. The machine can be used for cutting grass, weeds, and small bushes. The flail mower comes with a 2-year warranty and is made with high-quality Italian components.   

  • Standard features
  • Cat. 1, 3 point hitch
  • 540 rpm aluminum gearbox
  • Transmission with two belts and adjustable tensioner
  • Rotor with “y” blades
  • Adjustable rear roller (3 positions)
  • Universal pto shaft category 2
  • Size 110, 135, 160


Prices correct 14/02/2024 excluding delivery


110 £1695 Ex Vat – Inc Vat £2034

135 £1795 Ex Vat – Inc Vat £2154

160 £1995 Ex Vat – Inc Vat £2394

There are a range of flails on the marketplace to suit everyone’s needs. If you have a smallholding or a compact tractor and need a new flail give Oxdale Products a call on 01246 529020 or drop us an email sales@oxdaleproducts.co.uk you can also find us on all of the usual social media sites.