What does a Tractor Rotavator do? Excellent ground preparation tools


Oxdale Products sells a range of Rotary Tillers or Rotavators, perfect for smallholders and farmers. Oxdale sells a range of PTO-driven rotavators perfect for tractors 12-80hp, Rotavators are designed to aerate and churn up the soil in gardens, allotments and fields before laying turf or planting seeds, bulbs and plants.

Can you use a Rotavator to get rid of weeds?

Rotavators have many applications;

  • Improve drainage
  • Kills weeds
  • Removes previous crops
  • Breaking up and levelling soil
  • Loosen and aerate soil

As well as the above applications, a rotavator saves you time, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time digging your land over.

Tips for using a rotavator:

  • If you’re rotavating new ground, make sure to remove any large or substantial weeds beforehand. This helps to prevent them from being caught in the rotavators tines and then spread further around the land. 
  • Keep your hands, feet, and any loose items of clothing away from the PTO shaft and the main rota shaft
  • Make sure you have the correct machine for your tractor
  • Rotavating is a slow process, let the machine do the work
  • Appropriate PPE should be worn, such as ear defenders, steel toe cap shoes and gloves 
  • Rotavate your land in straight lines/runs, slightly overlapping each time.
  • Depending on the consistency of the soil you are after you may have to do 2 or 3 runs
  • On your first pass, we’d advise not to go deeper than 2-3 inches as to not overwork the tractor – going deeper after that on each pass

What does a tractor rotavator do?

A tractor rotavator is also known as a rotary cultivator or power tiller. It’s a versatile and powerful bit of kit for soil preparation. Here’s a bit more on what it does and how it’s used:

Tractor Rotavating the Soil
  1. Soil Preparation: The main job of a rotavator is to prepare the soil for planting. By breaking up compacted soil it creates a loose, airy seedbed perfect for sowing seeds and growing healthy plants.
  2. Weed Control: The rotating blades of the rotavator cut through and uproot weeds, reducing competition for nutrients and water with your crops. This is useful for both pre-planting and post-harvest soil management.
  3. Adding Organic Matter: Rotavators are good at mixing in organic matter like compost or manure into the soil. This adds nutrients and improves soil structure.
  4. Levelling and Smoothing: The rotavator levels the soil surface, creating a smooth and even bed to plant into. This is especially important for crops that need a uniform planting depth.
  5. Improving Drainage: By breaking up clods and aerating the soil a rotavator improves drainage. This is key to preventing waterlogging and getting roots oxygen.
  6. Versatility: Rotavators can be used in all types of soil and conditions. They’re adjustable to different depths and widths so they’re suitable for small garden plots to large fields.
  7. Efficiency: Using a tractor rotavator saves time and labour compared to manual soil preparation. You can cover more ground faster and with less physical effort.

In short a tractor rotavator is a must have for modern farming to increase productivity and get better crop yields by having the right soil conditions.

Here are a few rotavators available on the UK market:

Del Morino Rotavators

Oxdale Products is the main importer of Del Morino agricultural equipment. Del Morino is well known across the industry for providing some of the best-made agricultural machines available on the marketplace. Del Morino has a state-of-the-art factory in northern Italy which is powered by Solar Panels greatly reducing the need for fossil fuels. You can look after your land and the environment at the same time.

Del Morino Thunder


The Del Morino Thunder is an easy-to-use and powerful piece of machinery. The Thunder is the perfect attachment for the compact tractor owner who wants to create a deep-tilled bed for future planting or for good land management.

  • 3 -point hitch
  • Cast iron gearbox
  • Adjustable skids
  • Universal PTO, Cat 4
  • Rotor with 4 hoes per flange
  • 3 sizes 105 cm, 125 cm, 145 cc
  • Perfect for tractors 15hp – 40hp

Del Morino Eagle

The Eagle rotary tiller combines style, functionality and power to break up the ground. Easy to use and a powerful piece of machinery used to carry out all the functions related in various working environments in all types of ground whatever its composition (sandy soil, medium mixture or clay)

Eagle 0001s 0001 A2 min
  • 3-point hitch, category 1
  • One piece, 4 mm. steel frame
  • Cast iron gearbox 540 rpm
  • Chain drive Asa 80 in oil bath with automatic tensioner
  • Rotor with 4 hoes for flange
  • Side shift through moveable 3-point hitch couplings
  • Adjustable skids
  • Universal PTO Shaft Included
  • 165cm width

Del Morino URT-HF

The URT-HF model Rotavator is suitable for heavy-duty and tough terrain tilling on Market Gardens, Orchards, Vineyards and small holdings. This Implement is robust and high quality, making the domestic & professional user’s job quick easy and efficient.

DEL MORINO 0006 A10 min
  • Suitable for heavy work
  • Universal PTO shaft: CAT 5, with slip clutch
  • Cast iron gearbox delivering 540rpm
  • 6 hoes per flange
  • Chain-driven ASA 100 in oil bath with automatic tensioner
  • Automatic tensioner
  • Adjustable skids
  • Reinforced 3 point linkage frame
  • Perfect for 40 – 90hp tractors
  • 40 Hoes on the rotor

All Del Morino machines come with a 2 year warranty.

Maschio A Type Rotary Cultivator

“A” Type Maschio Rotary Cultivators are designed for use on compact and small agricultural tractors from 30 to 60hp and are typically used for amenity, horticultural and market gardening work.

Standard features;

  • Manual Offset Lower Link Points
  • 6 Spline PTO Shaft With Slip Clutch
  • Single Speed 540 rpm Gearbox Giving 208 rpm Rotor Speed
  • Side Drive Chain Immersed In Oil
  • 4 Blades Per Flange

Winton Rotavator

Heavy-duty machine ideal for tilling and breaking up compacted ground. The skids are height adjustable for flexible use. The rear flap can be used to create a smooth, level finish to the soil.

WRT150 Winton Rotovator web05 scaled 1
  • Maximum tilling depth of 15cm.
  • Robust heavy-duty gearbox
  • Adjustable skid positioning
  • Shear bolt PTO for enhanced safety

All these machines technically do the same job however some of the machines are made very differently from others. You should always ask where the machine you are interested in purchasing is made and what the warranty period is.

Are you looking to purchase a Rotavator?