Oxdale Petrol & Electric Log Splitters – an excellent tool for 2024


Since 2008 Oxdale Products have been producing a range of British Built log splitters, from petrol to tractor mounted we have a log splitter that will suit everyone’s needs. While splitting your logs with an axe is great fun for about 10 minutes, very quickly the job comes mundane, monotonous and quite frankly, knackering. If you are serious about using logs for heat during the winter a log splitter is what you need. To help you get the perfect log splitter for your needs please keep reading……

Why buy an Oxdale Log splitter?

There are many reasons to buy a log splitter, the main one is to make your life easier. What you want from a log splitter is a machine that is well-built, reliable, does the job and is built in Britain (that’s what we all want right). But before we get on with all the fun stuff let’s talk safety.

Log Splitter Safety

As we know all machines can be dangerous, especially log splitters with tons of force and an axe head. Let’s cover a few safety basics before we get into each machine. When using a log splitter you always need;

Eye Protection


Steel Toe capped Boots

Ear guards – for splitters with petrol engines

Make sure all Loose clothing, jewellery, necklaces and rings are removed

Petrol Log Splitters


The SE400 & RT400 log splitters are 10 Ton Hydraulic log splitters using a 6.5hp Honda GX200 engine fitted with a dual-speed hydraulic pump ( This means you never lose speed or pressure). The SE400 is a static machine with a waist-high splitting table, that splits up to 18″ with no diameter restrictions. Perfect for splitting at home and easy to manoeuvre to paddocks and woodland. The SE400 is our best-selling petrol log splitter.

The RT400 is essentially the same machine as the SE400 but is a fully road-legal towable version. Perfect if you have a lot of mobile splitting. The splitter lays down flat for easy transportation.

Electric Log Splitters


Like the petrol models above all our electric splitters are fitted with a 10-ton ram, an Electric motor that plugs into a standard domestic plug which is also fitted with a dual speed hydraulic pump, diameter not restricted. Oxdale manufactures 3 different styles of electric log splitter. The difference is what height logs the machines can split.


The E300 is a great machine for anyone who is splitting logs for a log burner. The 10-ton ram is more than capable of dealing with the toughest jobs. However, the E300 only splits logs up to 30cm. The diameter is not restricted.



The E400 is a very similar machine to the E300. However, it can split up to 18″ with no diameter restrictions.


The E400D is the same machine as the SE400, with an electric motor instead. The E400D has all the features of the SE but without the loud noise which may upset your neighbours.

Oxdale Petrol & Electric Log Splitters - an excellent tool for 2024 6

Oxdale Petrol & Electric Log Splitters - an excellent tool for 2024 7

Hopefully, this blog has helped you choose which log splitter is best for you. If you still have questions or want to know about stock availability please feel free to contact our friendly team on 01246 529020 or email sales@oxdaleproducts.co.uk