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PTO Saw Bench

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The Oxdale PTO saw bench is perfect if you have a low to medium HP tractor . The PTO saw bench allows the user to cut logs up to 12″ in diameter. The swinging cradle allows the cutting process to a be quick, safe and efficient.

  • Cuts up to 12″ diameter logs
  • Swinging Cradle
  • PTO shaft included
  • 3 point linkage allows easy transportation
  • 700mm Tungsten tipped blade


The 700mm diameter tungsten tip saw blade provides fast and efficient cutting.

It cuts logs up to 12” in diameter and is fully guarded. It comes equipped with a swinging cradle, emergency stop lever (for effective and safe operation) and a PTO shaft as standard.

We have redesigned the guards to prioritise the safety of the operator.



4 reviews for PTO Saw Bench

  1. A

    Great saw bench – we use it for sawing up logs before splitting them.

  2. Paul Brown


    Used a hell of a lot. Veryreliable

  3. Jane

    Amazing! Makes sawing logs so much easier. No need to be strong when you’ve got the swinging cradle !

  4. Rob

    “I bought this Oxdale circular saw in 2015, I have to admit it’s been one of my best ever purchases
    It’s done far more than it was probably designed to do but has never let me down and has probably processed well over 100 tons of firewood, including eucalyptus, oak, ash, cherry, pine and even old scrap gate posts, the list is endless.
    It’s been at it again today and once again made light of a mixture of different wood!!”

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